We understand that a scalable, flexible and robust technology platform is key to both supporting our own brands and also our partner's needs. Our technology platform has been built from the ground up to ensure it is marketing leading in both features, performance and reporting. Key features include:

  • Online Quoting and Policy Delivery.
  • Integration with all major aggregator platforms.
  • Multi-brand, white label and affiliate capable.
  • Highly Resilient topology utilising load balancing to ensure all requests are dealt with a quickly as possible.
  • Multi-master database clusters to ensure data integrity.
  • PCI and ISO:27001 compliant security systems to detect and prevent intrusion.
  • Real-time sales analysis and reporting.
  • Comprehensive Management Interface.
  • Call centre / customer service Interface.

Our systems are all built in-house and we do not rely on 3rd party suppliers. Our systems are all bespoke and can be tailored your exact requirements.

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