Press Release - 26/01/2018

Two World Wide Internet Insurance Services brands have won awards at the MoneyFacts Awards in London. Cedar Tree Insurance is officially the MoneyFacts Travel Insurance Provider of the Year, whilst CoverForYou was Highly Commended in the same category - meaning the two brands received the winner and runner up awards respectively. CoverForYou was also Commended as part of the Best Claims Service award, beating a wide range of companies across insurance categories including car, home, life, health and pet insurance.

The awards have become a benchmark in the finance industry, adopting an approach to voting that ensures there is a 50/50 split in importance between industry expert and consumer voting. MoneyFacts are a totally independent UK finance research organisation, whose data is used throughout the UK Financial Industry.

Neil Wright, Director at World Wide Internet Insurance Services, said "It is fantastic that both our policyholders and independent industry experts voted for both Cedar Tree and CoverForYou as the top two travel insurance brands in the marketplace. It's also been an honour to be Commended for our claims service as we are constantly striving to ensure our customers receive the best possible claims handling service we can provide. We always ensure we listen to feedback from our policyholders and use this to improve the service and products we offer and we look forward to continuing to provide our award-winning travel insurance through 2018 and beyond."

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