Press Release - CoverForYou - 23/12/2017

CoverForYou, one of the UK's leading travel insurance companies, have launched a new travel app, TravelMate, which can now be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices through the AppStore and Google Play, respectively.

The TravelMate app offers a wide range of features, including emergency travel information & alerts, nearest hospital locations, medical translation tools and the latest FCO guidance for specific travel destinations. Customers will also now more easily be able to manage their policies whilst at home and abroad.

Neil Wright, Director at World Wide Internet Insurance Services, said "The launch of the new TravelMate app for CoverForYou customers is the next step to ensuring our customers have the best possible travel and claims experience with our brands. As a company, we are constantly striving to be market leaders in terms of not only the insurance products we offer but also the technology that underpins our service offering. We will continue to be an innovative and forward-thinking company through 2018, with customer experience at the heart of everything we do."

To find out more about CoverForYou or to discuss partnership opportunities, contact Tom Dean, Head of Marketing, on email:, or visit the CoverForYou website at

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